[okfn-discuss] FOI workshop 9 Sept in London

Nate Olson olson.nf at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 23:17:41 BST 2008

Dear all,

Herewith a few assorted bits...

1. See <http://www.rin.ac.uk/foi-workshop> for info on a free  
workshop focusing on how best to take advantage of the UK Freedom of  
Information Act and related instruments. Detailed programme and  
registration at the link. Looks very worthwhile. 9 Sept, 10am-4pm,  
Royal Inst. of Public Health.

2. Major plaudits to Iain and Rufus for their work on Open  
Shakespeare/Milton. While I don't know the first thing about Xapian,  
I do know that I'm excited to see this maturing into an extensible  
model. I'm following progress on the lists, lurk-style...

3. Speaking of which: Apologies for my catatonic status of late--my  
thesis beckons, and beckons again.

Best to all,

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