[okfn-discuss] 'Who Wants to Be...?' - the nomic gameshow, 7th November, London Bridge

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Mon Oct 27 11:24:03 GMT 2008

This looks great Saul! I'll definitely pop down...

It seems like this kind of model could have lots of interesting
applications for the collaborative funding of software/knowledge projects!

Looking forward to it...


Saul Albert wrote:
> Dear OKFNers,
> This is a live game-show version of OKFN advisory board member Peter
> Suber's 'Nomic' game of constitutional amendment - with added glam.
> Please come, and invite your friends! I'd be interested in your
> feedback!
> ------------------
> * 'Who Wants to Be...?' - the spontaneous, democratic game-show *
> * 7th November 2008, 8-10pm *
> * The Unicorn Theatre, London Bridge *
> 'Who Wants to Be...?' is a live reality game-show where the audience
> make up the questions, have all the answers, and set their own rules.
> 200 people will buy £10 tickets making a £2000 cash pot, then spend 2
> hours proposing, discussing, and creatively modifying each others ideas
> for what to do together with a £2k budget. 'Who Wants to Be...?' is:
> A radical experiment in audience participation http://tinyurl.com/wwtb0
> A fun new way to support & fund local projects http://tinyurl.com/wwtb3
> A tool for public visualisation and co-design  http://tinyurl.com/wwtb1
> Previously on 'Who Wants to Be...?' the audience very nearly voted to
> sack the host and put their money behind the theatre bar. Suggestions
> included group ownership of a dog, guerilla gardening in the City of
> London, and a symbolic burning of the cash. Finally the audience decided
> to buy a woodland! Each audience member is now a co-owner of a share in
> a beautiful Welsh woodland to be looked after for future generations.
> £2000 buys anything from a prefabricated log cabin to a signed Damien
> Hirst print, 9642 packets of crisps, or rent on a London flat for a
> month of parties. Gamble it, donate it, invest it, waste it! Bring your
> ideas, your tenner and your vote to the Unicorn Theatre on Friday 7th of
> November and decide.
> Book (invest in) your tickets at http://whowantstobe.co.uk/
> -------------
> 'Who Wants to Be...?' is part of the London Games Fringe, a festival of
> alternative gaming events at the end of October 2008, organised by
> artists, academics, gamers, game developers, educators and creative
> professionals from a wide range of different media:
> http://www.londongamesfringe.com

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