[open-government] [ckan-discuss] Questions for journalists about what datasets are useful for them?

Christopher Gutteridge cjg at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sat Mar 19 20:12:08 GMT 2011

Sorry, that sounds more sulky than I intended, I mean that I'm 
interested in how to get people interested in what for most people can 
be a bit of a technical and inaccessible subject, even though it's going 
to make Good Stuff happen.

Christopher Gutteridge wrote:
> What kind of data release is newsworthy?
> I'm a bit miffed that the University of Southampton open data service 
> didn't get more wide coverage. I don't know if it's something we 
> should make more of an effort to get stories about or if it's just not 
> very interesting.
> Jonathan Gray wrote:
>> A friend of mine is doing a survey on the data needs and data related
>> training needs of journalists and has asked if I have any suggestions
>> for questions that I'd like answers to, that could be included in the
>> survey. I'm thinking of proposing 2-3 questions, along the lines of:
>>   * What kinds of public datasets would be useful to you as a
>> journalist? (Please be as specific as possible)
>>   * What kinds of questions do you want to use these datasets to
>> answer? What kinds of issues do you want to explore? (Please be as
>> specific as possible)
>>   * What kinds of tools would you like to help you work with these 
>> datasets?
>> Anyone think of any other questions? Or improvements/amendments to the
>> questions above? Suggestions for rewording?
>> Answers on a postcard. ;-)
>> J.

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