[open-government] Contracts Text Mining

Matej Kurian kurian at transparency.sk
Thu Mar 24 12:01:25 GMT 2011

Hi all,

my name is Matej and I work for Transparency International in Slovakia.  
Jonathan and Friedrich recommended me to ask my question around here -

At TI-S, we  trying to create a site with the copies of all public 
contracts  in searchable form to be analyzed and commented upon by the 
public and experts.  One of the features we would like to develop is a 
heuristics model that would text-mine contracts for selected indicators 
(extreme durations, vendor founded shortly before contract, keywords) 
and give it a score. Contracts above certain score would be flagged, and 
users encouraged to look at them.

Contracts are in Slovak, and we'd like to have a beta by the end of May.

Do you know whether any similar project had been carried out?
Do you know anyone we should definitely get in touch with?

Thanks for any suggestions,

Matej Kurian
programovy koordinator
Transparency International Slovensko
kurian at transparency.sk


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