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On 17 October 2011 08:52, Andrew at FinalsClub.org <andrew at finalsclub.org>wrote:

> Dear Annotation Aficionados,
> I am involved with FinalsClub.org, a non-profit open education project for
> college students to share their knowledge freely with the world.  In
> addition to note-sharing, the project also had an annotation component from
> 2007 to 2009.  During that time, we hired about a dozen Harvard PhDs to
> annotate public domain works of literature, including ten Shakespeare plays.
> Unfortunately, our old site is down and those annotations are not publicly
> visible.  I have, however, attached the xml file for Romeo and Juliet with
> about 500 annotations.  If anyone is interested in helping us resurrect
> about 90 public domain texts with some 9000+ high quality annotations, we
> would very much like the help.

Wow. How hard would it be to import them? For example to this:


@Rufus - could be a good way to bootstrap open shakespeare, but also a
broader annotation community around annotator. Is there still a public site
- I could only find http://okfn.org/projects/annotator/

There may be an opportunity to turn Annotator into a service like Universal


> Given that all of our content is creative commons attribution only, we're
> glad to share it with proper attribution to finalsclub.  I'd also love to
> get the annotate software running on our servers so our community of
> scholars can start adding more value to these classic texts.  There is,
> however, no urgency to the matter.
> Please do let me know if you're interested in helping.  Thanks in advance!
> Looking forward,
> Andrew Magliozzi
> Founder, FinalsClub.org
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