[annotator-dev] [ANN] Annotator v1.1.0 released

Nick Stenning nick at whiteink.com
Thu Feb 23 13:54:52 UTC 2012

Dear annotators, developers, friends,

Annotator v1.1.0 has been released and is available for download at

This release contains a number of new features, including:

  - Preliminary internationalisation (I18N) support, described at

  - An "AnnotateItPermissions" plugin, making interfacing with
AnnotateIt (http://annotateit.org) even easier than before.

  - An improved bookmarklet with full support for the Annotator
authentication API

This release also contains something like 8 months of accumulated bug
fixes and refactorings, including a fix for the first bug found in the
original Annotator selection code in about 3 years!

A random bonus acquisition is a badge for websites that embed
Annotator to display that they support annotation: see

Happy annotating, and don't forget to file issues and feature requests
on Github.


P.S. For those who really love detail, see

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