[annotator-dev] Problem with tokenUrl and annotator-store

Kartik Subbarao subbarao at computer.org
Fri Jul 27 02:10:13 UTC 2012

On 07/26/2012 09:02 PM, Randall Leeds wrote:
> Ah, right. I should have noticed sooner. Your mistake is assuming that
> annotator-store issues tokens at all, but that part is up to your
> application since it has to do with user accounts. It is how you hook
> your application's authentication up to the store. Information account
> this is on the wiki for okfn/annotator (not store) under authentication.
> You can also see okfn/annotateit or hypothesis/h for sample implementations.

Ah, got it, that's what I was missing. Ok -- will check out those 



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