[annotator-dev] annotations on pages with many images

Klaus E. Werner keewerner at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 14:53:20 UTC 2012

Dear lists,

I'm preparing a couple of HTMLs (basically digitized, OCR'ed and proofread
books) which should be annotatable using YUMA and which will contain many
images, say between 50 and 300 at a time.

Johnny's site (http://socialreading.cxware.net/) seems to be a working
example for multiple images annotations, though at the moment there are
only 2.

My questions are:

- are there any other examples for multiple images on a HTML?

And more in general:

- would it be wise to load all image annotations on page load?  Probably
not, because the user anyway sees only 1-2 at a time and has to scroll down
the text to see the other images, right?

- should YUMA therefore, in a multi-image szenario, load only as soon as an
image is inside the viewport (difficult to implement) or after a click on
or below the image? i.e. more or less manually?

Many thanks for any input!

Klaus E. Werner
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