[annotator-dev] setting up with js to use annotate store

adam hyde adam.hyde at sourcefabric.org
Wed Jun 20 11:52:27 UTC 2012


Im trying to get the annotator to work for a book (for booktype 
implementation). I cant get it to save to the annotateit store. Its just 
a demo, so I dont care at the moment if the demo keys are exposed. this 
is what i have

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(function ($) {
     // Customise the default plugin options with the third argument.
                  .annotator('setupPlugins', {}, {
                    Tags: false,
         	Auth: {
           	  token: getAuthToken("6c5df6a2af2a4b4ba21bbe6d68cb495a", 
"a866457d-54e3-4c51-b9c4-e105d38e9268", json.ip)
         	Permissions: false,
         	AnnotateItPermissions: {},
                 Filter: {
                 ddAnnotationFilter: false, // Turn off default 
annotation filter
                      filters: [{label: 'Quote', property: 'quote'}]

i can get the annotator but it doesnt same...any ideas what i am doing 


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