[annotator-dev] Accessing user annotation data

Ewald Zietsman ewald at siyavula.com
Thu Jun 21 08:33:08 UTC 2012

Hi All,

At the moment we are running what is essentially a hopelessly outdated
store and annotator on our websites. We will be looking at upgrading
to something more current soonish I think. My question is, if we use
the annotateit.org store, can we access all the annotations that were
made on our websites? We would like to look at all the annotations
made by our users on our site. We are going to use the annotator in a
workshop that is essentially a book creation sprint and annotations
will be used for review and discussion of content. Hence it will be
useful to us to look at all the annotations people made.

Ewald Zietsman

Technical Coordinator

Website: www.siyavula.com
The Open Innovation Studio, 27 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, 8001

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