[annotator-dev] Request for discussion: non-text annotations?

Andrew - FinalsClub andrew at finalsclub.org
Wed Nov 21 19:44:09 UTC 2012

Hey Robert,

Thanks for the update. FYI, Rainer Simon of Yuma-js is working on a plugin for image annotation as well. Perhaps there is room to collaborate. From Rainer:

>>> http://yuma-js.github.com/okfn_plugin.html (for the plugin)
>>> and
>>> http://yuma-js.github.com/yuma2.html (for the standalone library)

As for the specifics of our Json for images, I'll defer to Randall for that answer. 


& KarmaNotes.org

On Nov 21, 2012, at 10:12 AM, Robert Casties <casties at mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de> wrote:

> Hi Annotator-devs,
> while building image-annotation support for the digilib viewer I came
> across the issue of integrating annotations with a different format of
> "the annotated thing" into the Annotator code. I found that
> a) I really like the Anotator UI and code with its plugins for loading,
> displaying and editing the annotations
> but
> b) there are some hard-wired assumptions about the existence and
> structure of a "range" in annotator.coffee that I had to monkey-patch in
> my DigilibIntegration plugin
> <https://github.com/robcast/annotator/blob/master/src/plugin/digilibintegrator.coffee>
> Currently I put the coordinates of the annotated region of the image in
> an separate "areas" list analog to "ranges" like this:
> "areas":[{
>  "height":"0.0170",
>  "width":"0.3291",
>  "y":"0.5557",
>  "x":"0.6938"}
> ]
> The coordinates are decimal fractions [0..1] of the image width and
> height, independent of the current image size.
> Currently I switch on the existence of the "areas" list in my code.
> Is it a good idea to have a separate property or should the image
> coordinates also go in "ranges"?
> It would be even better if the Annotator code would be able to switch on
> the fly between different implementations of "ranges", maybe even as
> plugins.
> What do you think?
>    Robert
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