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pascal coucou pascalcoucou123 at hotmail.fr
Tue Jul 2 20:35:23 UTC 2013

Hellohappy to meet you , I'm new in annotator
I have a warning message when I put data to my local elasticsearch server :
Warning: No ID returned from server for annotation  Object {ranges: Array[1], quote: "a. Cras in mi at felis", text: "", uri: "http://localhost/demo1.html", highlights: Array[1]}_id: "mSZvggL7THWJf4qoUUDNew"_index: "t2"_type: "annotations"_version: 1highlights: Array[1]ok: truequote: "a. Cras in mi at felis"ranges: Array[1]text: ""uri: "http://localhost/demo1.html"__proto__: Object
The data is save on the server but update delete and read cannot run 
this is my configuration
content.annotator('addPlugin', 'Store', {  urls: {    // These are the default URLs.    create:  '/annotations',    read:    '/annotations/:id',    update:  '/annotations/:id',    destroy: '/annotations/:id',    search:  '/_search'  },      // The endpoint of the store on your server.      prefix: '',
      // Attach the uri of the current page to all annotations to allow search.      annotationData: {        'uri': window.location.href      },
      // This will perform a "search" action rather than "read" when the plugin      // loads. Will request the last 20 annotations for the current url.      // eg. /store/endpoint/search?limit=20&uri=http://this/document/only      loadFromSearch: {        'limit': 20,        'uri': window.location.href      }})};
so if someone can help me why thanks
pascal coucou 		 	   		  
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