[annotator-dev] Multiple Ranges

Robert Casties casties at mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de
Thu Mar 7 11:19:16 UTC 2013

Hi Randall,

On 06.03.13 22:24, Randall Leeds wrote:
> We have also begun to move toward a data format which allows for
> multiple targets (even pointing to distinct pages), not just multiple
> ranges (ranges are only one kind of selector on a resource). It is
> still JSON, but should be structured such that a JSON-LD context could
> easily provide all the OpenAnnotation schema information without any
> further transformation.

Do you already have any ideas on the JSON format?

We are still interested to use annotations also to establish and comment
on relations between multiple documents and parts of documents, e.g.
sentence A in text B is a translation of sentence C in text D. This
would need the annotation to have multiple targets and a way to specify
the type and direction of the relation. We would like to use the same
also for image-image and text-image relation-annotations.

> The user interface challenge of giving people the ability to weave
> together references between pages is still very much open

That's of course another open issue :-)


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