[annotator-dev] Notes on Annotations from seminar

Andrew Magliozzi andrew at finalsclub.org
Sun Mar 24 16:35:18 UTC 2013

Hey SJ,

In my experience, a quick demo of Annotator is best. You can create an account and get the bookmarklet at Annotateit.org if you haven't yet. In about two minutes you can show the site and point folks to the repo.

Holler if you have any trouble. 


On Mar 23, 2013, at 8:22 PM, Samuel Klein <sjklein at post.harvard.edu> wrote:

> Great.  Thanks!
> @ the annotator-dev list:
> Is there an Annotator-specific visual I can include as well?  I'd like
> to point people to both repos.
> SJ
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