[annotator-dev] New plugins for Annotator

Daniel Cebrián Robles danielcebrianr at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 16:35:00 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

Philip and me are going to publish three plugins for Annotator. But I would
like to know where is the best way to do it.
I have the code under pure javascript, but I have discovered an easy way to
transform in coffee if you feel better with this language
http://js2coffee.org/. Please let me know if it is better to use this.

The first plugin is for Share text and video annotations using social
networks or email. In the future I will modify the code to be more flexible.


The second one is for geolocation. This plugin will be used for create the
current location of the annotation user:


And the third is for richMedia. This plugin replace the plain text for
Tinymce plugin:


Please let me know your opion of the plugin and the best way to plugin. I
have seen the webpage for the annotator plugins:

is this the best place to set the information?

All the best,

Daniel Cebrián.

Daniel Cebrián Robles
Industrial Engineer
Spain Phone: +34 619 013 012
USA phone: +1 857 333-8696
Web: http://danielcebrian.com
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