[annotator-dev] Annotator + Plugin in IE8

Steph Skardal steph at endpoint.com
Wed Oct 16 14:50:08 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I'm trying to get annotator plus a plugin to work in IE8.

I've got a proof of concept app up at: 
https://github.com/stephskardal/h2o-annotator. The proof of concept is 
built to emulate functionality that already exists, but on top of the 
annotator plugin. It works as expected in Chrome & Firefox (minus a few 
small CSS issues that I plan to fix later). The proof of concept plugin 
takes some functionality from the categories plugin in that it adds 
additional checkboxes.

It doesn't work in IE8. When the page loads in IE8, developer tools 
reports an error "'compareDocumentPosition' is null or not an object". 
When a user tries to highlight / annotate text in IE8, a number of 
errors are reported that "'this.viewer.hide' is null or not an object" 
and "'this.adder' is null or not an object".

I don't know if these errors are related to ierange not being pulled in. 
Can anyone provide guidance on how to get this working in IE8?


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