[annotator-dev] annotator-dev Digest, Vol 30, Issue 10

Gong Huaiyu James (NCS) jamesh at ncs.com.sg
Wed Oct 30 04:00:54 UTC 2013

Dear developers:
                      How to hidden/Gray the "delete" button when view the annotations?
Please see the attached screenshots.

I am try to remove the edit button from the following events, but don't know how to hidden/remove edit buttons for the certain conditions.
For example, if this annotation is public, and the owner is not myself, I can only view it but not edit it.

      	          .subscribe("annotationViewerTextField", function (field,annotation) {
        	            console.info(" Enter into annotationViewerTextField 46");

        	          .subscribe("annotationViewerShown", function (viewer, annotations) {
        	        	  console.info("Enter annotationViewerShown! 45");

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