[annotator-dev] [ANN] Annotator v1.2.8 released

Nick Stenning nick at whiteink.com
Wed Oct 30 21:57:54 UTC 2013

Dear all,

We've just released Annotator v1.2.8, a maintenance release which is
intended to be the one of the last in the v1.2.x series, to be followed
by a dramatically improved Annotator v2.0.x series.

Changes from v1.2.7 include:

## Added

- `Annotator#destroy()`, which allows you to fully remove an Annotator
instance from the page.

## Fixed

- Fixed a bug in calculating the position at which the "adder" widget
should be displayed when making a selection. (See issues #243, #244).
- Fixed a bug in the code that normalises annotation ranges. Thanks to
Kristof Csillag for reporting and fixing this. (See #238).
- Fixed a bug in the Filter plugin which incorrectly split
whitespace-delimited tags. Thanks to Greg Bone for reporting and fixing
this. (See #256).
- Fixed a bug with the Document plugin injecting invalid markup into
XHTML documents. Thanks to Randall Leeds for reporting and fixing this.
(See d2f8c4389e882895b1e415d061bddf3dcb026fc9).
- Fixed a bug in the Permissions plugin where whole user objects were
used in place of the user ID. Thanks to Chris Nitchie for reporting and
fixing this. (See #271).
- A number of improvements to the Annotator tests and developer toolchain.

As always, the latest release of Annotator is available on GitHub:


And you can use the following URLs to load Annotator into your web
pages. First for separate Annotator core and plugins:



Or for the "kitchen sink" distribution of Annotator:


Best wishes,
The Annotator Maintainers (Nick and Randall)

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