[annotator-dev] Annotator 2.0 Call - Friday September 27th @ 4pm UTC

Andrew Magliozzi andrew at finalsclub.org
Thu Sep 12 19:26:09 UTC 2013

Hi Annotator Devs,

The Doodles are in, and it looks like most people are free for a call *Friday
September 27th at noon Eastern Time *(4*pm UTC / GMT | 9am Pacific Time*).
 We'll hold the call via Google Hangout.  Here is a link that should direct
people to the Hangout at the proper time:


As for the agenda, we will review all of the action items for last time,
discuss progress, needs, and make plans for the next 6 weeks or so.  Pasted
below are the notes from the last call.  I look forward to touching base
with everyone.

Looking forward,
Andrew Magliozzi
Founder, FinalsClub Foundation
KarmaNotes.org <http://karmanotes.org/>

----- Notes from 7/16/12 -------

Recent Changes to Annotator


   - Note updates to the store plugin and serialization
   - Particularly relevant is the new annotation property:  *_local*
      - Which is a local storage object that aims to make Annotator Core
         more abstract by supporting more nuanced Ranges / Anchors
depending on the
         local context
         - *Goal: *Ideally Annotator Core is simply a Database with the
   following calls:
   * • Create | Update | Delete | Query*
   To simplify things, we will likely combine the *Auth Plugin and Store
   Plugin in future versions of Annotator *

*II. Action Items*


   - *@Nick* to merge WIP branch
   - *@Anna* to test LoreStore with WIP branch
   - *@Nick* to merge Auth Plugin with new Store plugin

*User Interface*

   - *@Randall* to dig out highlighter extraction branch

*Flexible Matching*

   - *@Kristof* to extract Hypothes.is <http://hypothes.is/> flexible
   matching and submit a pull request
      - *strive to remain backward compatible with the existing reference
      store* by utilizing the new the _local object so UI can rely on the
      anchored range regardless of the serialization

*Multimedia Annotation*

   - *@Anna* to write up this
   send a summary to the mailing list for further discussion

*InterPlugin Communication*

   - *@Randall* to remove all use of reference by class (use string names
   instead) in plugin instantiation/config.

*Other Issues*

   - *@Jamie* to pull master (1.2.7) and build, integrate into a branch of
   Annotation Studio to test `Annotator#destroy()`
   - @*Andrew *Schedule another community call
   - @*Everyone* Stay tuned for build 1.2.8 release of Annotator in the
   near future

I look forward to further discussion, releases, and lots more annotation.
 Please do check out the full
post any questions, comments, updates or concerns to this list for everyone.
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