[annotator-dev] adding combo box and text field... help needed

Arshad Ali Khan a.khan at soton.ac.uk
Tue Sep 24 20:52:14 UTC 2013

Dear All,
I am exploring this wonderful tool and wodnering if anyone could help me 
add a new field (combobox and text box)? Actually I want to fill up a 
list field with potential values in the form of options in list box  
e.g. (<selection name="annotationcategory"><options>option 
1</options><options>option 2</options>.... </select>) and then let the 
users annotation the text on a web page. If an option is selected, the 
annotations will be stored against that category in the annotation 
store. if no ptions is selected (default), all annotations will be 
created/stored locally and on annotateit.org in the existing format. 
your help will be appreciated.
many thanks

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