[annotator-dev] Annotator QA, Testing, and Browser Support

Bill Hunt bill at krues8dr.com
Mon Apr 7 19:36:54 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the list and relatively new to Annotator, so first and foremost - hello!

On the other hand, I am not new to development or QA. :)  This weekend at the hackathon we started having a few different, related discussions around quality assurance.  For a few of us, relatively deep historical browser support is an absolute necessity for our projects.  For others, having a good test suite is a big priority.  The big win is that support for the latter helps the former.

I spent a good part of the weekend trying to get our existing test suite running in a variety of browsers.  Unfortunately, I lost a lot of time to "not-stable" automation tools, but I did get a better picture of legacy browser support, especially around IE.  I've added issues for my findings in Github, and created a Hackpad to encapsulate all of the details as well as the concepts:


Moving forward, there are some obvious areas that need work and attention in this arena.  I'm sure I haven't covered all of them in that document, but I figured putting /something/ together for people to start adding feedback and collaborating on would be a good start for us.  Please have a look at your convenience and add to it, or continue the conversation here.

There were a few other Hackpads generated that might be of interest to the community as well, including:

From the Annotator "gripe" session - Feature Requests & Pain Points :

From several discussions - Identity, Reputation, and Valuation of content (annotations or otherwise) :


Bill Hunt

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