[annotator-dev] annotation viewer displayed in the wrong place

Gong Huaiyu James (NCS) jamesh at ncs.com.sg
Wed Apr 16 05:00:31 UTC 2014

Hi , Team:
           The viewer/editor  DIV style left position should minus the left block window width.  

<div class="annotator-outer annotator-viewer annotator-hide" style="top: 142px; left: 487px;">
<div class="annotator-outer annotator-editor" id="yui_patched_dev_3_x_1_1397622015226_439" style="top: 190px; left: 501px;">

          The question is how to do minus the left block window width before pop up the annotation editor/Viewer?
I  am trying catch the two events  "annotationEditorShown"  and "annotationViewerShown" and change the Editor/Viewer style .


Best Regards

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Hi, Team :

		Please see the attached  screenshots, When the  left bar space is  more(the left red rectangle area) ,   the annotation viewer is displayed  far from the selected text(the quoted text), It should be displayed at the top of the  selected text.

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