[annotator-dev] Solution for Carriage return in Viewer

Gong Huaiyu James (NCS) jamesh at ncs.com.sg
Thu Apr 24 07:40:19 UTC 2014

  Hi, team:

  	Just replace  shift+enter (chr(13) )  into  HTML <br/>.

	It works for me.    The following code works fine for me.

	          .subscribe("annotationViewerTextField", function (field,annotation) {
        	            var innerText=field.innerHTML;
        	            innerText=innerText.replace(/\r?\n|\r/g, "<br/>");

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   1. Carriage return in Viewer and Editor (Gong Huaiyu James  (NCS))


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Hi, Team:
                I can use "Shift+Enter" to add carriage return in the annotator editor .  I have three lines text in the editor.
But when I view the annotator ,   three lines  become one line.
                Any steps I missed when view the multiple line text in the viewer?


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