[annotator-dev] color-coding annotated text by tagtype

Missy a3gndu at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 11 22:31:48 UTC 2014

I am a newbie to HTML/CSS/JS - looking for the fastest way to modify the annotator to: color code the annotated text (not the annotations) by tag type. Eventually, I would also like to present a preset menu of tags and associated colors to the user.
If I could get a hold of all annotations and their tags, I can simply write a function that changes the color of each annotation based on its tag. This sort of works (if I don't refresh the webpage) but the class "annotator-hl" may conflict with my newly defined color classes "annotator-hl-color_j."

Related questions: 
(1) Using precompiled files in annotator-full-1.2.7, how can I grab all the annotations on a page when the page reloads? (note that i can grab individual annotations using annotator events - instead I am looking to grab all annotations). How do I create the path to where my annotations are stored on http://annotateit.org/ ?
(2) How do I compile the annotator-master makefile using Webstorm 7.0 (or other compilers)? What is the best way to convert coffee files to javascript.
thanks much!
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