[annotator-dev] Passing URL into GET

Riccardo Tasso riccardo.tasso at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 06:17:39 UTC 2014

Hi Prateek,
   as far as I know it is not necessary pass the URL in the get method.

Every time annotator.js calls the store, it uses the http request to know
which is the URL of the page from which the call started. The default
implementation of store makes use of this metadata to partition annotations
by their provenance URL.

It's another story if the URL is the same but contents are dynamic.


2014-05-31 9:28 GMT+02:00 Prateek Narendra <prateek at dronamobile.com>:

>  I had a small problem...
>  I'm doing a project using annotator.js. But i'm facing a small
> problem.....
>  Is there any way to pass the URL into GET method?
> I want this feature as i selectively want to display the annotations of
> any webpage. But if he is on a certain webpage, only the annotations of
> that webpage will be shown.
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