[annotator-dev] Factlink is now open source

Jan Paul Posma janpaul at factlink.com
Fri Jun 27 03:41:33 UTC 2014

It's my pleasure to inform you that the annotation platform I've been
working on (with many others), factlink.com, is now completely open
source. While it's not directly compatible with Annotator, I'm sure
you can use a lot of code and ideas, for both Annotator and

Check it out here https://github.com/Factlink/factlink-core -- this
core repo has links to various other repos in the Readme.

We've made great strides in terms of user-friendliness and
compatibility with websites in the last year, so I hope you can put
our efforts to good use.

Unfortunately we had to shut down most development due to lack of
funding and a shift of focus. All our developers now have other jobs,
but we are available for questions and advise on how to use/integrate
our code.

Cheers, JP

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