[annotator-dev] One Annotator, Several Mailing Lists? [Was: Re: Lost in the "current" Annotator 1.2.9 - looking a "state-of-the-art" plugin]

Randall Leeds tilgovi at hypothes.is
Wed Jun 25 08:35:11 UTC 2014

I don't find the traffic to be too heavy on this list but if we find it to
be so we could do a -dev -user split, which is common.
On Jun 25, 2014 1:28 AM, "Ernesto Torresin (ML)" <ewk-ml at connettivo.net>

> On 25/06/2014 09:12, Randall Leeds wrote:
> [...]
> >> > The master branch has all reworked packaging and build.
> >>
> >> I switched back to the v1.2.x branch just because the changes in
> >> architecture that are worked upon in the master branch were just
> >> confusing me. Until a 2.x release comes, I'll study v1.2.9. I probably
> >> just passed by at the wrong time; I want to stay tuned but Annotator is
> >> not within the scope of my everyday activity, so I can sync with it only
> >> when I decide to stop doing other things, revise my JS books, rediscover
> >> the Firebug debugger and dive into your code.
> >>
> >> Thank you
> >>
> >
> > Thanks for your patience!
> >
> Hey, why live in a valley of tears? I hope that "patience" won't be
> recorded with dependencies in the package.json :-D !
> I am using this list because I am not aware of any other ML dedicated to
> the Annotator. Actually it sounds incorrect to me to use a *-dev mailing
> list for setup issues like mine, and the ones of several other users here.
> Actually, this mailing list is set up so that replies are addressed to
> the original sender by default, and not to the list itself. IMHO this
> may remove some traffic, but mixes things up. I cannot take the
> attention of core developers for silly matters. I came with a simple
> question like "what code should I read?" and I was answered by core
> developers like Nick and Randall. This is just incredible to me, it is
> like being helped by Dries Buytaert for setting up your LAMP. Nick,
> Randall, you deserve more than this... :-))
> So: I would say that the Annotator has a "core" part, and a "plugins"
> ecosystem.
> I *suppose* that it would be possible to split up this list in something
> like
>         annotator-core-dev
>         annotator-plugins-dev
>         annotator-support
> Of course I'd then subscribe to "annotator-support" first.
> I'm writing this mail because I expected to find a lot of discussion
> about this matter within the >500 messages that I received since I
> subscribed to this ML, but to my great surprise, I did not.
> Thank you for reading so far.
> Ernesto Torresin
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