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KEVIN SCHMIDT kevinschmidt at email.com
Thu May 8 00:40:29 UTC 2014

Hello everyone, 
I am developing an innovative use for AnnotatorJS that will enable groups to create text documents within a new collaboration plugin. 
The working title of the new project is Causense. 
Sense in the context of making rational and logical sense. 
Cause in two contexts of causing sense for achieving a worthy cause. 
Causense is a new online platform that enables participants to communicate and collaborate together using decision making processes not found in current versions of online collaboration software.
The purpose of Causense is to bring rational civil discourse to online communications and collaborations where multiple lines of inquiries, debates and negotiations can take place in decision trees. 
The goals are to seek objective truth, not debate victory, and consensus, not just majority rule. 
Participants and observers can easily follow along dialog pathways and understand thought processes that show the justifications for why decisions were made. Dead end pathways including fallacious and deceptive arguments, as well as unpopular opinions, can be opened to show why rejected pieces of texts were not chosen to appear in final collaboration documents.
The Causense Platform has a number of practical uses that can be plugged into any website where text creation through group collaboration is required. 
There are many qualified people I could hire to write an AnnotatorJS plugin. But since this is a long term project, I think it would be ideal to work with individuals such as yourselves who are already involved with and understand the long term goals of bringing intelligent, accountable, collaborative discourse to the internet.
Please contact me directly if you have an interest in working on the Causense project.
All the best,
Kevin Schmidt
kevinschmidt at email.com
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