[annotator-dev] How to query annotations created by current user only

Randall Leeds tilgovi at hypothes.is
Thu Nov 27 03:20:17 UTC 2014

On Nov 26, 2014 7:59 PM, "Chris Reeve" <paradigmsareconstructed at gmail.com>
> Hi, I am about to enter a coding academy (either Hack Reactor or General
Assembly), and have some super-newb questions to ask about the technology
stack.  I am very interested in doing an annotations-based project.  I went
to the last iAnnotate conference, but have only been working with
Javascript for about four months now.
> Does anybody have a moment to entertain some questions?  Or, should I
just post here ...?

You can use this list, but please start a new thread if your questions do
not relate to this topic.
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