[annotator-dev] Predefined Categories + Colored Highlights

steph steph at endpoint.com
Thu Feb 19 18:42:12 UTC 2015


I'm currently evaluating my options for introducing the functionality to 
have predefined tags/categories with colors assigned to annotations that 
will yield colored highlights of highlighted text. I'll be building this 
on Annotator 1.2.version and likely upgrading to Annotator 2 in the future.

Here are the options I'm seeing:
* Copy the existing Tags core plugin and add to it. This doesn't have 
colored highlighting, so it would be a very basic building block.
* Start with the Tags-annotator, listed on the annotatorjs.org Plugins 
page. This appears to have predefined tags + highlights, but the last 
commit was in April of 2014.
* Start with the Categories Plugin, listed on the annotatorjs.org 
Plugins page. This points to a forked version of annotator's 
categories.coffee file. The last commit was a while ago.
* Start from scratch. I've already gone through a couple of iterations 
of this functionality for another client, so I'm familiar with the API. 
I could probably piece together a plugin from code I've already written.

I can go ahead and evaluate each of the plugins to determine which has 
features/options I need, but am I missing any options that should be on 
this list. Are there any more "popular" or up-to-date plugins with this 
type of functionality?



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