[annotator-dev] AnnotatorJS.org work

Benjamin Young bigbluehat at hypothes.is
Mon Feb 23 20:15:30 UTC 2015

Hi all.

Part FYI and part question below. :)

I've sent in a couple Plugin related PRs lately (which Nick graciously
merged...thanks Nick!):

There's also a pending one for adding open source license information to
the plugins list:

Laslty, there's an issue I filed about future work on the AnnotatorJS.org
site and the (greater) use of Jekyll:

I've copy/pasted it here, as I've realized this is probably a better place
to converse. :)

Right now master and gh-pages aren't in sync. Since GitHub Pages can handle
compiling Jekyll sites directly (post-push), I'd like to propose turning
(and I'd be happy to do this!) the site into "just" a Jekyll site.

I'd use the Jekyll template already in use for the _news section (see master),
make all the pages _pages content, and generally get things setup for
simpler service.

Once complete, I'd propose dropping the master branch and making gh-pages
the default / primary branch on the repo to avoid confusion later.

Give me a +1, and imma do it.

Thanks, all!
Developer Advocate
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