[annotator-dev] [ANN] Annotator v1.2.10 released

Randall Leeds tilgovi at hypothes.is
Thu Feb 26 04:15:22 UTC 2015

Dear all,

We've just released Annotator v1.2.10, a maintenance release which is
intended to be the one of the last in the v1.2.x series. It is also the
first release since moving to the Open Annotation organization on GitHub,
an expression of our commitment to support the evolving Web Annotation
specifications as we get closer to v2.0.

This release is available on GitHub:


And you can use the following URLs to load Annotator into your web
pages. First for separate Annotator core and plugins:


Or for the "kitchen sink" distribution of Annotator:


See below for a list of changes introduced with this release.

Best wishes,
The Maintainers


- Annotator highlights now have a `data-annotation-id` attribute with the
`id` of the corresponding annotation.
- The Document plugin now captures `rel=shortlink` values. (See #470)


- When highlights overlap and the user moves between them the viewer now
updates accordingly. (See #222)
- The Document plugin no longer treats `rel=alternate` as an equivalent
document if the `hreflang` attribute suggests that it is in a different
language. (See #355, #356)
- When an annotation had its permissions modified this changed the default
permissions for new annotations. That is no longer the case.
- Fix an issue parsing large z-index values.
- Fix an issue with the `destroy` method when called via the jQuery
interface: `$(el).annotator('destroy')`.
- Fix an issue that prevented creation of overlapping highlights in certain
circumstances. (See #466)
- Updated translation files.
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