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Theodoros Manouilidis tmanouilidis at di.uoa.gr
Mon Jun 22 11:03:06 UTC 2015

Sorry, for my late response, I've been very busy for a while...

We are currently looking into the code for plugins you provided, to 
create an Annotator 2.0 plugin for json-ld storage.

One question about the other modules, though, since we were using token 
auth and image annotation and was under the impression these would be 
imbedded into Annotator 2.0 core. We now see the auth is a separate 
module (annotator-tokenauth) and image annotation plugin is not yet 

Is there a planned milestone to have these two plugins working in the 


On 8/6/2015 3:44 μμ, Benjamin Young wrote:
> We are *definitely* interested in help! :)
> We'd also love more activity on the JSON-LD / Open Annotation Data 
> Model front.
> The ideal way forward (afaik; Nick correct me where if I'm "off"), 
> would be for an Annotator 2.0 plugin to be built that does the JSON-LD 
> storage and/or representation.
> The storage plugins are pretty trivial to write:
> http://github.com/bigbluehat/annotator-pouchdb/blob/master/index.js
> (79 sloc) and 2.121kb :)
> Do you mind if we move our discussion to the annotator-dev@ list? I 
> know there are others there interested in this topic, and it'd be good 
> to get their involvement.
> Thanks for your interest and time, Theodoros!
> Benjamin
> On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 5:46 AM, Theodoros Manouilidis 
> <tmanouilidis at di.uoa.gr <mailto:tmanouilidis at di.uoa.gr>> wrote:
>     Hi Benjamin,
>     many thanks for your reply.
>     Are you actively working on the json-ld communication part of the
>     project? Our scenario involves the communication of annotatorjs
>     with json-ld enabled endpoints on a fuseki server. Maybe you can
>     think of it as a standards based datastore api for annotatorjs.
>     We could help there if you can use us, we are very interested in
>     helping annotatorjs reach the v2.1 milestone where openannotation
>     is natively supported.
>     Regards,
>     Theodoros

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