[annotator-dev] I have issues migrating from v1.2x to the latest

rubin apore rubin.apore at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 20:00:53 UTC 2015

i am building a browser widget that loads Annotatorjs v1.2x into any
website a user visits, this was working perfectly well on many websites
except a few, like gmail.com. When i looked at the console, i realised
annotatorjs and the content script js were conflicting, looks likes
annotatorjs was modifying an element that the contentent script in gmail.com
 didnt like.
My solution was to use the latest version of Annotatorjs, this worked well,
no conflict. My problem no is migrating my current code base .

In my widget, i had a plugin that listened to :
1. annotationCreated
2. annotationEditorShown
3.annotationViewerShown , etc

the problem is, i cant find the events or hooks for annotationEditorShown.
and annotationViewerShown in the current version of annotator js. HOW DO I
ATTACH MY HANDLERS TO THE annotationEditorShown,
annotationViewerShown in the current version of annotatorjs .

i would appreciate any form of help
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