[annotator-dev] changing the position of annotator viewer/editor

Shauna Gordon-McKeon shaunagm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 15:31:41 UTC 2015

Hello again,

I want the annotator's editor and viewer to appear in the margin of a page,
rather than directly over the annotator's text.  I know there is currently
a plugin to do this (<
but it is 300+ lines of uncommented/undocumented code in a language I don't
know, so I'm going to try to make this myself.

Looking through the code, this seems to be the spot where the position of
the viewer is being defined: <

A few questions:

- Is this code in the latest release of annotator?  (I tried to check this
for myself, but was stymied by unfamiliarity with coffeescript. I found a
lot of tools for translating javascript to coffeescript, but not vice
versa.  If anyone has recommendations for such a tool, that'd be great too.)

- If this is in the latest release, is there a way to access/adapt this via
plugin, or is it finally time to learn how your development process works?

Once I figure out where to make my changes, I think this should be fairly
straightforward - I want to keep Y as it is, and X can be calculated by the
offset of the marginal column from the document.

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