[annotator-dev] List administrivia: nonmember postings

Nick Stenning nick at whiteink.com
Tue Mar 24 12:20:20 UTC 2015

I've adjusted the configuration of the mailing list to auto-discard nonmember postings.

I think this is better for everyone than the default, which is to hold the messages for administrator review. Since we currently don't tend to review such messages in less than a few days, it can be confusing for legitimate nonmember posters, who appear to be blackholed until such time as an administrator deals with them. If we then accept the posting, the sender tends to remain none the wiser that they should subscribe to the mailing list to post. If we reject the posting, the sender will be confused as to why the rejection message took N days to get to them.

So, if you have friends or colleagues who are looking to join the conversation on `annotator-dev`, then please advise/remind them to subscribe to the mailing list at:


Best wishes,
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