[annotator-dev] Annotations Not getting loaded on initializing annotator

Apurva Jalit apurva.jalit at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 15:58:36 UTC 2015

I am implementing the REST APIs required to support annotatorjs. My server
is SQL server and APIs are written in C#.
I have been able to write APIs for search and create. Everything execute
perfectly fine without any error being seen on the browser page. But after
creation, I am testing the loading of previously created annotations but I
fail to see any of these annotations and no error as well.
When I initialize the annotator, I have included the following :
content.annotator('addPlugin', 'Store', {

            // The endpoint of the store on your server.
            prefix: 'http://localhost:5555/api/Annotation',

            // Attach the uri of the current page to all annotations to
allow search.
            annotationData: {
                'uri': pageURL

            // This will perform a "search" action when the plugin loads.
            // request the last 20 annotations for the current url.
            // eg. /store/endpoint/search?limit=20&uri=
            loadFromSearch: {
                'count': 20,
                'uri': pageURL

The response I get is as follows:


Is this not enough? Do I have to explicitly make a call to some function to
load this annotation?

Apurva Jalit
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