[annotator-dev] Module Upgrade Qs

Randall Leeds tilgovi at hypothes.is
Wed May 20 22:12:53 UTC 2015

Just wanted to say I intend to follow up on this if no one else does. I'm
sorry it's been a busy week.

Have you tracked this down yourself yet?

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 7:16 AM, steph <steph at endpoint.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> After reviewing the docs and working on upgrading an extension a bit, I
> have a few questions.
> Here are some notes:
> * I have a module called categories, which allows users to categorize
> annotations. I initiate the module with the new syntax:
> app.include(categories, { categories: /* SOME HASH */ });
> This works fine, and I can verify the categories options values are fine.
> * I also need to modify the editor based on the values in /* SOME HASH */.
> I'm trying to connect the gap between
> https://annotator.readthedocs.org/en/latest/module-development.html to
> https://github.com/openannotation/annotator/blob/master/src/ui/tags.js,
> so I gather the call to the UI should look something like this:
> app.include(annotator.ui.main, {
>     editorExtensions: [categories().editorExtension()]
> });
> * My editorExtension method starts like this:
> function categories(options) {
>   ....
>   return {
>     editorExtension: function(e) {
>       ...
> There are a few problems with this:
> a) While I can verify editorExtension is called, "e" is not defined in it,
> so the editor methods (e.g. addField are not accessible). Am I calling the
> editorExtension incorrectly?
> b) The options hash is not accessible from the editorExtension method, as
> far as I can tell. It's unclear to me if I am supposed to initiate the
> categories module before I call the ui.main module, or if that doesn't
> matter. I'd prefer to have one canonical reference to the categories that
> I'm working with, that is contained within my module.
> c) How does one use multiple editor extensions? For example, my app will
> at the very least an editorExtension for both the tag and categories
> module. Is this possible? If not, is it going to be possible?
> It would be great to see the tags module updated included in the release,
> as that's a good model for making editor and viewer changes. While I'm
> trying to reference this, the module development documentation isn't
> fleshed out enough to cover interaction with the UI. I know it's an alpha
> release and I'm the one dealing with growing pains here, but hopefully what
> I'm learning here can help others.
> Thanks in advance,
> Steph
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