[annotator-dev] [DRAFT at 2] Apache Incubator Proposal

Benjamin Young byoung at bigbluehat.com
Tue May 31 14:52:34 UTC 2016

Thanks for the input everyone!

I’ve begun the actual proposal process at the ASF:
Short URL: http://bit.ly/1PfRtWu

Discussion now happens among the Incubator Project Management Committee—on that list. You’re welcome to subscribe and follow along. Mostly, we’re looking for ~3 mentors and a handful of +1’s to move on to the voting stage:

Once voting completes, then we’ll be a genuine “Podling” and be setup with various infrastructure to get the community setup within the ASF. Then…we be us at the ASF for about 3-6 months, prove we’re “healthy” (i.e. can collaborate real good), and if we can prove that, we become a “top level” ASF project. Huzzah! :)

I’ll keep everyone posted here, but feel free to follow along on the incubator list if you care to.


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On Thu, May 26, 2016, 12:33 Benjamin Young <byoung at bigbluehat.com<mailto:byoung at bigbluehat.com>> wrote:
Hi all!

Last July I wrote up a proposal for potentially setting up an Apache Software Foundation incubator project for the community and code here.

The goal then (as now) was to bring all the interested parties into a shared, collaborative space where we could continue the vision of and progress on Annotator and related code.

Thanks, Benjamin.
To that end, I’ve done a (somewhat heavy) revision of the original proposal:

This revision focuses more on our diverse community and working to ensure its longevity.

Give that proposal a quick skim, and send in your feedback!

Looks good.
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