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We have big news to share. This year, we are bringing *"Art & Culture of
the Web"* to this year's Mozilla Festival <http://mozillafestival.org> in
London for the first time, and we'd love to get your work featured at it.

As the Internet becomes increasingly ubiquitous around the world, more and
more web users are *making the transition from consumers to creators*,
merging art, technology and networks to build new and surprising digital
art forms with unprecedented results. What might the combination of these
experiments in theory, code and creativity — a practice we refer to
as "networked art"  —  mean for cultural heritage organizations, artists,
technologists and  curators? And how might creative works inform our
understandings of the open web’s key challenges, from privacy to ownership,
and from identity to governance?

Join thinkers, creators and visionaries at the *Art and Culture of the
Web* track
at Mozfest 2014 in London, UK this October to explore these ideas and break
the boundaries of art as we know it. From the launch of *OPEN STUDIO*,  a
groundbreaking site where participatory artworks will be created live by
leading artists from around the world, to a youth-led gallery curated by
Hive Learning Networks <http://hivelearningnetworks.org>, and from a global
GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum) curation skill-share, to an
eclectic set of hands-on making workshops, this track will be most creative
experiment Mozfest has seen.

Let’s shape the future of networked art together by  breaking down old
dichotomies between creator and patron. We welcome your craziest ideas for
live art-making, creative collaboration and  skills-sharing. We are
interested in new interpretations of data, property, society, culture and
heritage, and everything in between. In return, we’ll leave you with hands
covered in electronic paint and  minds full of crazy ideas. Share your
proposal with us by **22 August 2014** to join the party.

* Submit proposals here under "Art & Culture of the Web":
* And read more about our Call for Artists here:

We can't wait to see you there.

- Kat Braybrooke and Paula le Dieu

[image: Maker Party] <https://party.webmaker.org/es-CL/> *Kat Braybrooke*
Mozilla Foundation
@codekat <https://twitter.com/codekat>

Laura Sillanpää
koulutuskoordinaattori / education coordinator
Open Knowledge Finland
laura.sillanpaa at okf.fi
<laura.sillanpaa at okf.fi>
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