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Subject: [C4C] EC Public Consultation - Questionnaire Re Licensing of Open
Data in EU Member States
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Dear C4C Signatories

We would like to draw your attention to a public consultation by the
European Commission on the licensing of open data in EU Member States, the
online questionnaire can be found
Please note that it is not clear to us if the questionnaire is already
active, and we also have no view on the deadline for the consultation. We
will keep you informed, and if any signatories have more information please
feel free to share.

*This questionnaire aims to collect information on licensing practices for
open data used by the Member States of the European Union as well as EU
institutions, bodies and services. This questionnaire builds on the work
already carried out in the context of the LAPSI project and on the results
of DG CONNECT survey whereby public administrations were asked to provide
information related to the use of licensing for the release of Public
Sector Information.*


*Public administrations are increasingly called upon to open up their data.
The lack of coordination at European level together with the existence of
multiple approaches to licensing of open data, limits the opportunities for
combining open data coming from multiple sources with multiple licences.
The purpose of this survey is thus to better understand the current
licencing practices of European public administrations and identify their
needs when publishing open data. The results of the survey will provide
useful insights on how to improve legal interoperability for the sharing
and re-use of open data among Member States.*

Have a nice day, and a lovely weekend!

Best regards


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