[ciência aberta][Wikipédia-saúde] "learning medicine openly"

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Muito bom, Lugusto. Para quem não quiser ler toda a publicação recomendo os seguintes compromissos que o autor apresenta:
When possible, use only Openly** licenced content for my medical education.If I’m unable to find Openly Licenced content to learn from, I will use an alternative but I will take the subsequent knowledge to edit Wikipedia, so everyone can benefit from the Commons. As I am required to attend lectures/tutorials, I will attend and request that the lecturer put their materials online under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence. If this is not possible, I’ll take the knowledge I have learned in medical school and add it to the Commons.For hospital based teaching, I think I can just do what I do best. Which is talk incessantly about Open to whomever will listen and learn from patients around me.  Abraços,Vinicius

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