[ckan-announce] New patch releases available next Thursday 31st March

Adrià Mercader adria.mercader at okfn.org
Thu Mar 24 15:11:40 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Next Thursday 31st March around 13:00 UTC (14:00 CET, 08:00 EST) we
will be releasing patch releases for the following CKAN versions:

2.3.x -> 2.3.4
2.4.x -> 2.4.3
2.5.x -> 2.5.2

Users are encouraged to always run on the latest patch release for
their version, as these include important security and stability
fixes. The latest patch release is the only one supported by the CKAN
team (patch releases don't contain backwards incompatible changes).

More information about CKAN releases can be found here:


Information on how to apply a patch release can be found on one of
these two links, depending on whether you are using a package or a
source install respectively:




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