[ckan-changes] [okfn/ckan] db7481: Update and simplify install instructions

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Mon Jun 25 14:11:03 UTC 2012

  Branch: refs/heads/2592-update-source-install-docs
  Home:   https://github.com/okfn/ckan
  Commit: db7481921ba37e7b044ea59360d90cc934149b74
  Author: Sean Hammond <seanhammond at lavabit.com>
  Date:   2012-06-23 (Sat, 23 Jun 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M doc/install-from-source.rst
    M pip-requirements.txt
    R requires/lucid_conflict.txt
    R requires/lucid_missing.txt
    R requires/lucid_present.txt

  Log Message:
  Update and simplify install instructions

Update the install instructions so that they work with both Ubuntu 12.04 and
Ubuntu 10.04 without modification (and should work on other systems with little
modification). Also shorten and simplify the instructions.

- Add pip to the required packages that are apt-get installed, instead of
  installing it with easy_install.

- Add --no-site-packages to the virtualenv command, the previous command made
  a virtualenv with site packages on Ubuntu 10.04 and a virtualenv without site
  packages on Ubuntu 12.04, because the default behaviour of virtualenv has
  changed. Without site packages is better as it means virtualenvs will be the
  same on different people's systems.

- Remove the part about apt-get installing some Python modules on Ubuntu 10.04,
  this only works on Ubuntu 10.04 and not even on other versions of Ubuntu, and
  it requires site packages which complicates things, just tell everyone to pip
  install all the Python modules into their virtualenvs instead.

- Merge the three pip requirements files into one

- Remove pastescript==1.7.3 from the requirements file, a newer version of
  pastescript already gets installed as a dependency of one of the earlier
  packages, then trying to install this older version makes pip crash.

- Remove the --ignore-installed option from pip install commands, not needed
  now that we're using --no-site-packages.

- There's no need to deacticate and reactivate your virtualenv

- Generally edit the instructions, aim to make them shorter and easier to
  follow quickly without having to read it all carefully

- I also tried to make the language a little friendlier and less formal in a
  few places, e.g. You're done! instead of You are finished, etc.

  Commit: 896e2a9e8918e46e75affcc9cf738acb361862a5
  Author: Sean Hammond <seanhammond at lavabit.com>
  Date:   2012-06-23 (Sat, 23 Jun 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M doc/solr-setup.rst

  Log Message:
  Add i386 JAVA_HOME example to solr install instructions

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