[ckan-changes] [okfn/ckan] 433181: [#2750] Add example_idatasetform example extension

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Mon Feb 25 19:33:53 UTC 2013

  Branch: refs/heads/example_idatasetform_without_tests
  Home:   https://github.com/okfn/ckan
  Commit: 4331816b09dc92cb7c0dfb6aa7b95d49ea89d3da
  Author: Sean Hammond <seanhammond at lavabit.com>
  Date:   2013-02-25 (Mon, 25 Feb 2013)

  Changed paths:
    A ckanext/example_idatasetform/__init__.py
    A ckanext/example_idatasetform/plugin.py
    A ckanext/example_idatasetform/templates/package/new_package_metadata.html
    A ckanext/example_idatasetform/templates/package/read.html
    A ckanext/example_idatasetform/templates/package/snippets/package_form.html
    A ckanext/example_idatasetform/templates/package/snippets/package_metadata_fields.html
    A ckanext/example_idatasetform/templates/package/snippets/package_metadata_form.html
    A ckanext/example_idatasetform/tests/test_example_idatasetform_plugin.py
    M setup.py

  Log Message:
  [#2750] Add example_idatasetform example extension

  Commit: a1bedacb926557e673cb2365928e4c8e864d477b
  Author: Sean Hammond <seanhammond at lavabit.com>
  Date:   2013-02-25 (Mon, 25 Feb 2013)

  Changed paths:
    M ckan/lib/plugins.py
    M ckan/plugins/interfaces.py
    M doc/conf.py

  Log Message:
  [#2750] Improve IDatasetForm docstrings

- Rewrite the IDatasetForm docstrings to make them clearer,
  and conform to PEP257
- Reorder methods in IDatasetForm and DefaultDatasetForm
  so that they're 1. in a more logical order and 2. in the
  same order as eachother
- Tell autodoc to put the methods in source-code order,
  not alphabetical, in the sphinx docs
- Remove docstrings from DefaultDatasetForm that are
  exact repeats of corresponding docstrings in IDatasetForm
- Add edit_template() to IDatasetForm, it was missing

db_to_form_schema_options() and form_to_db_schema_options() and some
other schema methods in DefaultDatasetForm are still missing from
IDatasetForm but I'm leaving it that way for now, consider them

  Commit: cec55a24b305919c0251f706af6cc290406c93ef
  Author: Sean Hammond <seanhammond at lavabit.com>
  Date:   2013-02-25 (Mon, 25 Feb 2013)

  Changed paths:
    R doc/forms.rst
    M doc/index.rst

  Log Message:
  [#2750] Delete 'Customizing Forms' docs

They are out of date, and we have ckanext/example_idatasetform instead

Compare: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/compare/4331816b09dc^...cec55a24b305

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