[ckan-dev] Corrections to source install instructions

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at okfn.org
Fri May 18 10:56:31 BST 2012

If you follow the source install instructions for CKAN 1.7 (or 1.8a)
there are four packages that get installed to the wrong versions:


and some tests are failing. If you manually pip install them to the
right versions like the tests currently tell you to do for webob then
the tests pass:

pip install tempita==0.4
pip install repoze.who==1.0.19
pip install repoze.who.plugins.openid==0.5.3
pip install repoze.who-friendlyform==1.0.8

Should I add these four commands to the source install instructions
after the webob one? I tried adding them to lucid_conflict.txt but this
seemed to cause problems.

I guess this means we can remove the apt-get commands for tempita and
repoze.who.*, and remove them from lucid_present.txt. I think we can
remove webob from lucid_present.txt as well.

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