[ckan-dev] Running one CKAN on two different vhosts

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I have a rather unusual requirement to host a CKAN which should be
available thru two different virtual hosts in Apache with one CKAN instance
"mounted" with separate configuration files.

VHost 1 - Publicly available https://ckansite.com (site_url: ckansite.com
root_path: /)

VHost 2 - Internally available https://data.site.com/ckan/ (site_url:
data.site.com, root_path: /ckan/{{LANG}})

Virtual Host 2 should be used to access the administrative part of CKAN and
to manage the datasets. Virtual host 1 should be only used to retrieve the
public data-sets. Additionally there are some other sites that access VHost
2 in reverse proxy manner.

CKAN uses DataPusher component.

As far as I understand CKAN - the URL of a dataset is generated upon upload
and it depends on the site_url and the root_path. So if I upload a dataset
on Vhost 2, the Vhost 1 will show the "original" URL of the data-set that
might not be reached publicly. If I change the domain and root_path
manually, I am able to retrieve the data-set.

Could the URL of a data-set always be based on the actual values of the
site_url and root_path?
Is there a way to achieve this? Basically I want to be independent of the
CKAN "instance" that is reached and be able to retrieve the data-sets.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
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