[ckan-dev] ckan errors by email?!?

Serban Teodorescu teodorescu.serban at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 08:17:55 UTC 2017

Hi guys,

Apparently this is completely undocumented and akward. Maybe nobody
actually used it in a more serious setup.

The documentation is talking about the ckan notifications. These are
actually only the notifications about password reset, new user etc. The “
other” notifications that can be generated and sent through email when ckan
errors out (for responses with a 500 status code) are following a
completely different path.

I managed to follow the code with a colleague and I thought maybe someone
will find it useful at some point.

TLDR: to configure ckan to send you the errors and traces by email, you
need to add to prod.ini, *in the [DEFAULT] section (NOT** in [server:main]
or [app:main])* the following (in case you are using an external email
server where you need a user and password and also encryption):
smtp_server = your.email.server
smtp_username = your.email.username
smtp_password = your.email.password
smtp_use_tls = True

For setups where an email server is running internally and you dont need
encryption and login, you can just skip the last three lines (user and
password defaults to ‘’ and the use_tols is Flase by default).


Serban Teodorescu
SysEngineer / DevOps
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