[ckan-dev] Authenticate/login to CKAN using ckan.js API

Terje Christensen terje at businessmodel.io
Sat May 19 18:36:33 UTC 2018

I'm making a javascript client that reads data from ckan using the ckan.js
This works just fine when accessing data that does not need authentication.

I see that I can make authenticated calls if I provide the API key. But how
do I authenticate/log in from javascript so that I can get the API key ?
in the doc it says
"When calling an API function that requires authorization, you must
authenticate yourself by providing your API key with your HTTP request. To
find your API key, login to the CKAN site using its web interface and visit
your user profile page."

It seems that I must manually log in to get the API key.

This will not work as the javascript client I'm making is not using the
ckan interface.

Does anyone have a tip on how to solve this ?

I'd also like to get in touch with others that are using the ckan.js API.

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