[ckan-dev] Help testing statsd extension

Ross Jones ross at mailbolt.com
Mon May 28 18:52:49 UTC 2018


I'm after some help.   I've built a __really__ simple extension to log the timings of all CKAN requests via statsd, as well as log counters for dataset creation and modifications - but I could really do with some help testing it.

It just uses wsgi-statsd to wrap the CKAN WSGI app, and the IDomainModification plugin to record counters.  The idea is that the metrics get written to statsd (over UDP), and then you can use graphite (or something similar) to build charts and see how your CKAN is behaving (what's slow, what's fast, how many datasets are getting created etc).

I've tested it with a graphite install, but was wondering if anybody who has access to a statsd server (or say a hostedgraphite account) might be willing to test it out to see if there are any issues.

The code (such as it is, there isn't much) is at https://github.com/rossjones/ckanext-statsd 

Also, if anyone has any ideas for writing actual test, they'd be welcome.



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